Posted by: Scott | Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Statewide debate and Primaries

Max Maxfield made the point on KODI/KZMQ-AM’s Speak Your Piece yesterday that it is important for folks in Wyoming to vote in the Aug. 22 primary election because it basically decides the election, citing only a couple of Democrats campaigning for two of the five state offices, only a couple of Democrats going for our local Park County Board of Commissioners race; pretty much Republicans are the dominant party on the ballot every year here in Wyoming.

I believe it is important to vote. God so moved the founders of this country to give her citizens a part in choosing her leaders, and we ought not take that lightly. We should be as informed as possible going into the voting booth. I love it when a candidate sends me a brochure or runs an ad on why I should vote for them. The internet has made much of the campaign process easier as candidates can now put their platforms online with access to the potential constituency any time of the day on any day of the week.

In preparation for the upcoming election, I encourage you to watch WY Public TV or tune in to WY Public Radio (or you can even listen online with Real Player) for tonight’s debate covering four of the five state elections. The debate airs from 7 PM-9 PM and has some rebroadcasts scheduled.

(edited 8-8-2006 4:45 PM MDT to provide pertinent links)


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