Posted by: Scott | Wednesday, August 9, 2006

John Self Preemptively Concedes

I watched the debates last night. A good educational tool for the upcoming primary on Aug. 22. I had already decided on my choice for governor, but I was curious about John Self, whom I had heard nothing about, so I watched.

I figured out why I haven’t heard anything out of John Self (until tonight’s debate). He sounds pretty good; not really talkative (which isn’t necessarily bad, just not politically advantageous in some cases, such as this one).

As can be expected, the wolf issue came up. Mr. Hunkins got the first answer, noting that we had 35 wolves imported in ’95, now up to 350; up to 3,500 by the next administration. We need to reduce their number period, and talk with the feds about it, even if it means litigating.

John Self said and I quote: “All life has a right to live.” It’s bad enough he said that just regarding wolves, but take this to the logical end regarding hunting and fishing. Baaaaad answer.

Now, I believe in the sanctity of human life, but this is the wrong state to apply that regarding wolves. Even the current Governor at least says that we need to do something (though he does nothing). It must be an early covert concession speech on the part of John Self… I must say, Ray Hunkins looks good on his own, but John Self made Ray Hunkins look superb.


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