Posted by: Scott | Thursday, August 17, 2006

Coming from the fringe

Today, I’ve decided to become a Democrat, well, in a matter of speaking. I am still a registered Republican, but today, I move to the outer fringes of the party. That’s right (no pun intended 🙂 ), after observing 5 years of Democrats gone wild on the national level, I am deciding to lead the way of loony Republicans on the state level, with this, the first unofficial proclamation regarding opposition to the reelection of the incumbent Governor:

Have you been watching and or listening to the national news lately? It is deplorable!!!  Wyoming has made the headlines on a national level two days in a row! Why? Well, there’s this little big thing in Casper called a fire. The fire, currently at 10,000 acres, has caused evacuation orders to be issued to nearby residents. The fire fight is now under command of a federal agency.

First off, this is bad publicity for the state. What will people think when they see the homes on and near Casper Mountain going up in flames? They will no doubt feel pity for the displaced residents, as they should. What will they think when they hear that a federal agency is in charge? No doubt they will associate it with the aftermath of last year’s Gulf coast hurricanes, and foresee dark days ahead for Wyoming. There goes the tourist dollars!

Yes, folks, this is terrible and it all is happening under Gov. Freudenthal’s watch! This proves that he has not invested nearly enough in cloud-seeding (to alleviate the drought) state wide (yea, we got a fire going up here on Carter Mountain). and too much on crows in Riverton.

Wind blocks should have been built (it’s no secret that every city in Wyoming beginning with C, especially Casper, has strong winds). True, this should have happened long ago, but surely the Governor could have done something, yet he proposed nothing. Instead, he allowed I-25 southeast of Casper to continually be worked on, causing a lot more uncovered dirt, which allows for a lot more evaporation of already precious Wyoming water.

If the primary elections weren’t so decisive in this state, I would change parties next Tuesday just to vote for Al Hamburg. So, may I plead with the Wyoming Democrats to vote for Al Hamburg on Aug. 22? Yes, I can! this is my blog and I can plead as I wish within reason! So, Wyoming Democrats, pleeeeeease vote for Al Hamburg on August 22.

Fellow Wyoming Republicans, vote for Ray Hunkins on Aug. 22. For everyone else (including the Democrats) vote for Ray Hunkins again in November’s election.


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