Posted by: Scott | Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Meebo and Thumbnails

While perusing through my sidebar widget control panel, I noticed a new widget called Meebo. Curious, I brought into the second column of the sidebar and clicked on it. It told me it was an instant messenger device for my blog, but I needed to get a piece of HTML. So I did and now you can chat with me on my blog. Just look over and see if I’m on or not. If you see that I am not online, you can still type in a message and I will get it. Just be decent about the chating and we’ll be OK. If  you hwave multiple IM accounts (i.e. an AIM  account, a Yahoo! account, a MSN account, a Google  account…)  You can get aMeebo account and add those IM screen names into your login so that all your IM’s are in the same spot.
In other tech news, I have been trying to figure out the conundrum of thumbnails for the website that I am webmastering. I have searched for free software and found one that I couldn’t get to work right. Then, an amazing thing happened, I searched again and found another one, but it was full of mis-spellings and was far from “user-friendly.” So, I searched again, and third time is close to a charm. I found user friendly, but was unable to find make-it-look-like-the-rest-of-the-site-ability. 😦 However, it at least gets a the job tentatively done so that visitors don’t have to wait forever for sized-down pictures to load. Now they wait relatively little time for thumbnails to load. BTW, the software I found is Web Album Generator. Go here for an index of the albums created so far.



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