Posted by: Scott | Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Recognized Names Do Well

The elections went off pretty well yesterday. I will admit that I did not pick all the winners, but I did pick who I thought would be good for the respective offices. Now, I will be shifting to endorse those who defeated my choice candidates. Anyways, to give you a quick overview of the November contest:

US Senate:
Groutage (D) vs. Thomas (R, Inc)

US House:
Trauner (D) vs. Cubin (R, Inc)
Hunkins (R) vs. Freudenthal (D, Inc)

Secretary of State:
Eikenberry (D) vs. Maxfield (R)

Redo (D) vs. Rita Meyer (R)

Joe Meyer (R) —uncontested

Superintendent of Public Instruction:
Hoffman (D) vs. McBride (R, Inc by appointment)

County Commission (4 yr., top 3):
French (Inc), Brewer, Siggins (R)
Capron, Whitson (D)

County Commission (2 yr.)
Fontaine (R, Inc)—uncontested

County Sheriff:
Steward (R,  Inc. by appointment)—uncontested

County Clerk:
Carter (R, Inc)—uncontested

You can view the basic Park County Results here. Detailed results here

State results are viewable here Thank you candidates and voters. Would have liked to see a  better turnout percentage, but those that went and voted should be commended.


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