Posted by: Scott | Thursday, August 24, 2006

Statewide Turnout Worse than Some Counties

My Vote CountedI heard on the radio today that Wyoming’s statewide voter turnout was a mere 48%. Yikes! It was bad enough having a 49% rate here in Park County, but when less than half of us statewide turnout, it causes you to think.

My first thought is for elections where there is a 50% or less turnout, set a date reasonably soon after the election, and all those that voted can vote again. Thus, a turnout in the 50% range would effectively give each voter a second vote, one in the 33% range would yield two extra votes per voter, etc… The results from the special election would be added to the first round of results.

My second thought is this: if less than half of us who are registered to vote took part in the August 22 Primary, how many qualified persons in the state did not even register?

On a brighter note, Wyoming did do better than Nebraska in their primary earlier this year with only a 35% turnout.

Also, be sure to visit Wyoming’s all new election results website. You can view results from all the statewide elections in non-PDF format, and if you view the results by county, you can break the results further down to the precinct level.



  1. Fifty percent sounds pretty good to me! Then again, I’m a cynic. And I hate politics (sorry).

  2. Jen,

    There’s plenty of cynical folks that don’t like politics but still vote 😉 At any rate, I do thank you for being a frequenter of my blog, titled as it is 🙂

    50% is bad when the previous election had around a 102% voter turnout (gotta love same day registration!).

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