Posted by: Scott | Thursday, August 31, 2006

Yellowstone Causes Concern in NY

I missed it. ABC’s 20/20 broadcast that put Wyoming on the map, and I missed it! Were it not for a caller on a popular national radio talk show, I would have never known about it. Fortunately, there’s the internet.

The broadcast is a worrysome broadcast about how the world might end and could that disaster be predicted, how much more time we would spend with family. In addition to there being a huge black hole that might swallow up the Earth, it seems that there is a super-volcano underneath Yellowstone National Park. It erupts every 600,000 years (I don’t know how they know, but they do) and the last eruption 630,000 years ago left only a few thousand survivors on the entire planet. Again, not sure how they know these time frames. Take for instance this quote. Even they don’t know how they know these things:

So how would we know a supervolcano is coming? And is there anything people could do to stop it or limit its destruction?

“We haven’t seen a supervolcanic eruption, so we’re not sure about what we will see,” said John Grattan, a volcanologist at the Institute of Geography Earth Sciences at the University of Wales. “But one of the things that we would expect would be increased earthquake activity, an increase in the small geyser eruptions that you get in Yellowstone.”

Hopefully they hire more rangers to monitor the small geysers erupting. What happens if they miss one or two? We might miss an indicator that the Super V is about to end all debate on wolves, snowmobiles, and the Copperleaf subdivision (local joke)!

As I was saying before I so rudely interrupted myself: the eruption is 30,000 years late. :-O Nevermind that Old Faithful has a 21 minute time span that it can erupt in (the minute it is predicted to go off, plus ten minutes before and ten minutes after). But that super volcano better erupt on time! It’s probably President Bush’s fault anyway!

Anyways, this volcano will wipe out a 100 mile radius (thus, Chris and I won’t be blogging after the eruption) and cover the rest of the planet in ash (better stock up on Pledge or Lysol or something now!). Those of you with breathing problems might want to be prepared for an extended period of staying indoors.

Those of us that live in the region will miss the spectacular eruption, for we are too close to see anything. We will be dead and gone before we realize what happened. Some of us will be in the presence of the Lord at that time and will probably be filled in on what happened.

The rest of you who are not in the region, well, you will be stuck with an on-going 24 hour news cycle of live coverage of the place that once was Northwest Wyoming/Southwest Montana/Eastern Idaho. If you are fortunate, there will have been a satellite at just the right position to catch the whole event so it can be re-broadcast over and and over, with analysis of what could have been done to prevent it (like ban snowmobiles and SUV’s in the park; yea, that would have worked!)

Probably the most interesting quote from the article (emphasis added):

So far, scientists have identified nearly 40 possible supervolcano hot spots, including one right in our own backyard, underneath Yellowstone National Park.

Keep in mind, this is from a New York studio. When did Yellowstone become their backyard? Our wolves they wanted over here haven’t migrated that far (yet).



  1. I learned some interesting things in geology class last year at Boise State.
    – Dust particles were found locked in ice around the poles, particles that match Yellowstone. From this, scientists conclude that there must have been a pretty big explosion, creating a cloud that circled the globe.
    – When directly asked, the professor- a very credible and nationally known- laughed at the thought of Yellowstone exploding. It would need powerful help, such as an earthquake which would cause as much local destruction as the volcano. She said there is so much more to worry about, such as the 10 foot bulge 15 miles wide in Oregon that continues to grow.

  2. I watched a 1 hour show on Yellowstone on the Travel Channel tonight. They talked about the volcano and said that it last erupted 640,000 years ago. Sounds like ABC got the number wrong (again, not sure how they know these figures).

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