Posted by: Scott | Saturday, September 2, 2006

Milk; White; Evaporated

Please note: the following link provided requires three things of you:

  • Must be female (which I am not)
  • Must be registered with Sharper Iron (which I am)
  • Must be a member of the Sharper Iron ladies group (which, for obvious reason, I am not)

I was just perusing my bloglines RSS Feeds for Sharper Iron and noticed on the latest posts there was a thread called Evaporated Milk

The thread is probably quite appropriately placed in the ladies forum, and I don’t necessarily want the details of the discussion there. But, since I cannot view this thread, I would like to pose a question about evaporated milk (which perhaps the SI ladies can help me with): Are you sure that it is evaporated? If you shake a can of evaporated milk, you will hear a sloshing sound, as if there were liquid in the can. Quite contrary to my understanding of evaporated 🙂



  1. Scott, unfortunately I can not disclose the highly secure findings of our “evaporated milk” thread. Since the SI ladies are so intellectually complex, we sometimes use code names like “evaporated milk” to mean “we are still looking for Mrs. Right for Mr. Scott Bothwell.”

    Be afraid, be very aftraid!!

    Jennifer Linscott

  2. […] Scott Bothwell is a little paranoid about the SI Ladies Forum […]

  3. Mr. Bothwell,

    Thank you for the wonderful laugh! Perfect timing! I’ll ask my son how ’empty’ those cans feel when he is stocking the shelves at the store! 😀

    Carol K

  4. And just when I thought the SI ladies had forgoten about me with the vanishing of the men’s thread (due to a crash) that was overpowered by women (due to a lack of password protection)….

    Anyways, welcome to those of you who are just now finding me via a recent SI Filing Trust you will enjoy my little corner of the blogosphere, of which you can subscribe to in any number of ways.

    I actually wasn’t paranoid until I read Mrs. Linscott’s comment. I was simply posing a question that I had pondered over the past couple years while stocking the grocery shelves overnight.

    I have figured out that condensed milk is so named because it comes in a small can 🙂 However the evaporated milk to this day has me confused (thus the plea for help).

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