Posted by: Scott | Monday, September 4, 2006

Blogging in the Orange and Blue Light

I knew getting a referral on SI was good for one’s stats, and boy are my stats healthy after being pointed out by the SI forum director and apparently, according to my blog stats, his wife [as in perhaps, maybe; however it could be anybody else that has access to that particular corner of the SI Forums]. This has caused a spike in my stats chart. Wow! over 200 visits between last night and tonight.

This has resulted in my blog making it onto the WP top/growing blogs list (currently 55 on growing, 94 on top, and 13 on the top posts; for Sept. 4, I was #3 in growing and 51 in posts).

I’m not doing this to talk about the greatness of my blog. Without you the readers I would not have this info to post. A great number of you came by from Sharper Iron and I am thankful for the traffic surge. Like I said on the thread, a great blogging anniversary gift. You are the best readers a blogger could ask for. Those of you that comment are the greatest commenters a blogger could ask for. I know there are a great number of blogs out there to choose from, and I hope that those of you who are new to my blog will become regulars.


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