Posted by: Scott | Thursday, September 7, 2006

I Burnt the Bacon

I know, things are just cooling from my recent inquiry about the SI ladies discussing evaporated milk (I still don’t get why it is called “evaporated”). No doubt, this has the potential to be just as controversial. Who knows what kind of discussion will ensue on that thread (probably something along the lines of “must be very good cook or tolerant of bachelor-level cooking skills”).

So, Sunday night I spent the night at my parents’ house. Late Monday morning, we (Mom, Grandma, Kate [friend of the family], and I) decided that breakfast/lunch would be good. So we went with waffles (Belgian) and bacon. I was charged with taking care of the bacon, even after the caution that I could only cook crisp bacon. OK, so some of it turned out to be really crisp. After the bacon was done, there was a number of comments about how it smelled like Absorkee in the house.

Later that day, I was watching the Food Network with Grandma. After about an hour of watching, we concluded why the bacon failed to come out “right:”

  • Skillet not coated with olive oil prior to cooking
  • White whine not used at the start of cooking
  • No “pinch” (translated handful) of salt or fresh ground pepper
  • No fresh herbs added for color

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