Posted by: Scott | Monday, September 11, 2006

What about the 1st Amendment?

So, ABC has been planning to air a mini series, The Path to 9/11. A prominent talk show host gave it rave reviews. Seems the movie (based in part on the “sacred” 9/11 Commission Report) came across as saying that there was a growing threat in the 90’s called Islamic Terrorism and nothing (at least next to it) was done. Then it happened. Bill Clinton went crazy. OK, so some things in the movie we don’t know how they exactly played out in real life. Fact is that Bill Clinton had several opportunities to stop Bin Laden before he (Clinton) left office. And just why was there no response to the attack on the USS Cole in 2000? I mean, that is one of our military vessels, obviously an attack (added to the numerous times that our nation was attacked: WTC in Feb. ’93, the US Embassies in Kenya in ’98….).

By Friday, the entirety of the liberal Dems were on on board to stop this movie. Why? Aren’t they the ones that always cry out “Free speech” when Michael Moore is criticized for his extreme leftist views? I wonder what the Dems would think if they knew that it was a Baptist preacher that was involved in the political process that brought about the first amendment…. Oh no! A violation of separation of church and state!

Well, I watched part of last nights broadcast (though I have it being recorded). Guess who came across looking as the bad guys from the beginning of the movie? It wasn’t the FBI, CIA, Ticket counter agents, or anyone in the Clinton White House. It was of all people, the terrorists! Guess who the enemy is today? Not the port authority, TSA, U.S. military, or anyone in the Bush administration, but it’s the terrorists! Let’s remember this as we live in a post-9/11 society



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