Posted by: Scott | Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Over the Hill and Gaining Speed

Well, folks, it’s campaign season again! There’s a group of Republicans out there cheering on and supporting Gary Trauner. I am seriously contemplating starting a (bipartisan) group of Wyomingites to cheer on  and support Rep. Cubin.

Independent Park County Clerk candidate Kelly Jensen has a sign on top of the Greybull Hill, right near Karen Carter’s sign.

Friends, I am excited! I have just started an e-mail correspondence with  Ray Hunkins’ daughter about helping in his election campaign.  Alot of excitement there with the campaign in high gear.  One thing that gives a beaming ray of hope: Mr. Hunkins took in nearly double the amount of votes in the Aug. 22 primary than did Gov. Freudenthal. Now that is impressive! There is a debate coming Monday Oct. 9. Details forthcoming as soon as I can get them. In the mean time, contemplate the following question: Will you join me in voting for Ray Hunkins?

And just to make things John McCain-legal, I’m Scott Bothwell and I’m responsible for the contents of this post.



  1. Dave is so cool though… And he got double the votes because it was the primary election…

  2. There is so much more to choosing a candidate than charisma….As far as the double vote just because it was August and not November, well, we’ll have to see on Nov. 7! 😉

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