Posted by: Scott | Friday, September 29, 2006

Congrats to the Hunkins family!

Wyoming Republican gubernatorial candidate Ray Hunkins became a grandfather Thursday– perhaps we should say about nine months ago. After the birth of his daughter’s (Amanda) twin daughters, he stated that he is, in contrast to Governor Freudenthal, pro-life.

The Governor criticized the statement saying that Mr. Hunkins’ refusal to state how that would (if elected) influence his policies was dodging the issue. Meanwhile, real common-sense conservative Ray Hunkins said that he did not want to use the joyous family occasion as an open door for a long range debate with the Governor and that he would speak more to the issue at a later time.

My simple analysis of the situation: Mr. Hunkins said that he has a strong belief of life beginning at conception. He’s likely to oppose anything that makes abortion (in the womb or otherwise) easier or more convenient, e.g. repealing the parental notification laws. Candidate Hunkins did say that the issue is one that is tied up in Federal courts.

I say:

  • Congrats to the family
  • Let’s allow them to enjoy a moment away from the campaign with this wonderful time of two new births to celebrate, and
  • Thank you, Mr. Hunkins, for reaffirming your pro-life viewpoint.

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