Posted by: Scott | Sunday, October 1, 2006

WYDOT gives green light for Governor

Re-Elect Freudenthal???Do my eyes deceive me??? Is the Wyoming Department of Transportation telling me (and everyone else in the state) to re-elect Gov. Freudenthal???? If I understand this right, state tax dollars help fund the Wyoming Department of Transportation. And thus, the appearance is that a state-run department (of whom the Governor is chief) is saying “Re-elect the Governor”

Is it just me or does this not seem right (kosher, ethical, just, fair, etc…)?



  1. I think I may have scared the people at WYDOT when I went over and started taking pictures of the Freudenthal campaign signs in their lawn. Shortly after I made the post on my blog (which takes time to do on a dial-up connection) I left my house to head to my parents’ and noticed that the signs had been removed! Yay!!!!

    I have kept this post up to see what kind of reaction (if any) comes about because of this. Not sure if the signs were an official WYDOT effort or if they were a covert trick by the Freudenthal campaign. Either way, I figure it is good for public info.

  2. […] I’ve received two follow-up e-mails regarding the Governor’s campaign signs in the Cody WYDOT lawn: […]

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