Posted by: Scott | Monday, October 2, 2006

Context, Context, Context!

Some time ago over at Pensees, Pastor Bob Bixby wrote a letter to an unborn girl that eventualy, through adoption, became his daughter. Recently, some folks have negatively commented about what he wrote (comments have since been removed), because he mentioned that the teen birth mother was involved in sin at the time of the conception. Before the moderation of the comments, one of the commenters took her rant to her own blog and continued the critique. Seeing that there was a serious issue of a lack of context, I replied to the post, but apparently, the blogger only wants negative comments and nothing in context. Soooooo, allow me to post my reply on my own blog:

OK, let’’s add some context to what’’s been quoted:

Immediately precedes the first quote you cited (emphasis added):

Our Sovereign and Only Wise God has determined in His perfect plan that a 15-year-old high school girl be your mother at this time.

Shortly after the same quote (emphasis added):

No, Dear Child, you were not planned on the human level. But our Sovereign and Only Wise God planned you. He planned every detail of you.

Meanwhile, you say:

Maybe she wasn’’t your plan, or this girl’’s plan..but was she God’’s plan?

Seems like Pastor Bixby covered the part about being God’’s plan pretty good.

Shortly before the second quote:

She understands that the consequences of her own sin should not be charged to you by remaining your parent while she is still a child herself. She understands that God’’s ideal for a child is that it be reared by two mature adults, a father and a mother, married, and yielded to God.

The entirety of the second quote (emphasis added):

Your birth mother was irresponsible and immoral, but now she is making some very good decisions.

The birth mother knew what she did was not right in the sight of God. She wanted to make the resulting situation as right as possible by not aborting (i.e. murdering) the (at the time) unborn child and having her placed in a home to be brought up by a mother and a father. Pastor Bixby even quoted David’’s Psalm where he (David) admits that he was conceived in sin. This is the same David that, as a youth, killed the giant Goliath, and wrote a number of the Psalms in the Old Testament.

Shortly after the second quote (emphasis added):

Little one, we are not your parents, but we would like to be your parents. And it seems that your birth mother would like us to be your parents. Our Sovereign God has given you a 15-year-old child to be your mother for at least nine months. In the meantime, my wife and I will begin doing all the paperwork and the preparations of receiving you into our home as our child. We are preparing these things because of the conversations that we have had with your birth mother.

So you all have a big rant about name-calling (which he never did; he simply called a sin “sin”), you return the favor by calling names. Yea, that’s real good. Plus even entertaining the thought (which you published) that one day he is going to tell his daughter that she is a “[censored].”

You agree that adoption is a good thing. If you keep the letter in context, the birth mother knew that what she did was wrong. The thought being published that “the birth mother conceived in sin” is only repeating what she already acknowledges. God can still use her (He already used her to give a daughter to a husband and wife) and He can still use the girl she gave birth to.


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