Posted by: Scott | Monday, October 2, 2006

Kelly Jensen for Park County Clerk!

Kelly Jensen for Park County ClerkA county clerk candidate with a vision! Kelly Jensen is out campaigning aggressively getting votes from Park County residents and she’s got my vote without even personally talking to me (yet). She is an Independent (I know many of you will be shocked  that I would endorse someone without an R) and the basis of her campaign is bring the clerk’s office to the people. She currently serves in the City of Cody administration.

In a recent article in the Cody Enterprise, she mentioned how that she recently e-mailed the county clerk’s office about getting a copy of the budget emailed to her. The reply was that she would have to go to the courthouse and pay $5 to get a copy of the budget. She went on to say that if you e-mail the city with a request for the city’s yearly budget, they will e-mail a copy to you for free.

Meanwhile, incumbent Republican Karen Carter believes that experience alone is the issue of the campaign. All the procedures are spelled out in state law. Somehow, I doubt that state law prohibits the use of e-mail and internet technology to make things easier for the county resident.

If experience alone is the issue, Kelly Jensen does have a masters degree in Public Administration and she serves as administrative services director in the City of Cody.


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