Posted by: Scott | Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Decisive vs. Dialogue

Well, I went to the Wyoming Lodging and Restraunts Association Gubernatorial Debate last night. I was quite impressed by the contrast in the candidates. Ray Hunkins knew where he stood on the issues that were brought up and the Governor was bragging about how for four years he’s talked with the Republican-led legislature to do what’s best (though many of us are wondering about the “do” part of that statement).

I got to meet Mr. and Mrs. Hunkins after the debate. Wonderful people to occupy the the Governor’s mansion for the next eight years (two four year terms).
Some anecdotal notes:

  • I heard some folks talking after the debate that they had voted for DF last time around, but after tonight, he sure wasn’t getting their vote.
  • While I was setting up the camera to record the debate for the Hunkins campaign, a man walked by and, with a strong statement of alcohol on his breath, asked if I was getting it set up right. I told him that I was, and then I looked over and saw it was the Governor! :-O I told Glenn Ross, Park County GOP chairman, that I don’t think the Governor realized that I was recording for the other side. He replied that that was part of his problem: he thinks everyone is for him 🙂

If you were unable to attend the debate, tune in to Wyoming Public Radio tonight at 7 PM and you will hear the contrasting views of the issues facing the candidates. If you live in Park County, signs for Ray Hunkins are starting to pop up! I got eight out the yesterday and picked up more at the debate and if need be, can get some more!



  1. Your man is getting a lot of bad press right now and it all has a familiar tune like the phrase “funny numbers,” that was said at a presidential debate years ago.
    What is up with this credit card issue: $40,000 of funds being said to go to credit card payments from campaign funds?
    Hunkin’s campaign failed to document the direction of about 20% of campaign expenditures during filings as well. your man is no goldenboy Scott…. Can’t say he or Cubin has my vote. Do your best to convince me though.

  2. No problem: The Governor has his own campaign credit card issues:

    On Sept. 12, Lance wrote a letter to Meyer’s office asking that the Hunkins campaign be required to provide details of an expenditure of more than $40,600 described only as “campaign credit card.” Hunkins’ campaign also listed more than $7,700 as “expense reimbursement.”

    Hunkins responded by saying he would release his credit card statements if the governor’s campaign would do the same. Hunkins also pointed out that Freudenthal’s campaign finance statement listed almost $4,500 in credit card spending with vague descriptions, such as “travel expense” or “hotel rooms and meals.” Another $1,500 was listed as “reimbursement event expense” or “reimbursement travel.”


    OK, so Mr. Hunkins borrowed more than the gov, but not itemizing is not itemizing, no matter how much is or isn’t itemized.

    So, now that we’re back to an issues-oriented campaign instead of a mountain-out-of-a-mole-hill….What is it that you reeeealy have against Ray Hunkins and/or Rep. Cubin?

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