Posted by: Scott | Monday, October 16, 2006


As of Oct. 16, 2006, 2:45 PM MDT, it looks like stat-counter page loads is going to hit the next kilo-marker first! the Current read is 9994 page loads and 945 canned spam comments.

Now if this was CNN, I would have called the race for the canned spam to hit the next K since it was dragging in the polls. But, even now, I cannot officially report results, for I may end up getting the spammers discouraged (oh, no; the horror) causing them to cease their annoying practice and lose (I spelled it right this time!) in a landslide. So, for the time being, completely disregard this announcement and await the official winner….

If you happen to be the visitor that triggers the 10,000th load, please comment here!



  1. Shortly after 4 PM, my stat counter read 10,001 page loads! Not sure who was responsible for 10,000, but thanks for stopping by!

  2. […] other numerical news, the Political Cowboy blog has nearly reached the 25K threshold! This would be just over doubling the page loads in less than a year. One reader from Emblem, WY anonymously noted that while he/she was not necessarily looking for […]

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