Posted by: Scott | Monday, October 23, 2006

Is It Warm in Here?

So there are just a couple of weeks left until the November 7 election. Campaign ads are becoming increasingly popular (or not). Today was a breath of fresh air for Wyoming residents who rely primarily on Montana TV for news and info: Craig Thomas has purchased advertising time at least on KTVQ (I know because I saw his commercials twice)! It is nice to know that I can vote for someone other than Conrad “I Didn’t Say That” Burns or Jon “Tax Hike” Tester.

Meanwhile, the Dems are convinced the the Republicans are going to take a stand and sit this one out. Let me assure you that I will be at my polling place on November 7, and you should be too (unless you vote via absentee ballot). I still want to know what happens if the Dems are the ones that sit this one out? What if they lose? The speculation presumed fact is that the Dems are going to take over the world. They are entitled to their opinions and the great thing about that is that I am entitled to mine too and I think that everything from campaigning against the President (not seeking election to every contested office in the nation) to Mark Foley (former FL Representative; no longer eligible for re-election) has riled up the Republicans and the Dems have a bigger fight on their hands than they realize.

In other news pertinant to Wyoming voters, Republican gubernatorial candidate Ray Hunkins is climbing the campaign hill. OK, so the polls are showing a huge lead for Republican look-alike, but signs are popping up all across the state in support of a real Republican (at least, such is the case in Park County, WY). I do belive that this race will tighten up significantly between now and Nov. 7. Of course, I am hoping and praying that the numbers will, in fact, flip.

So, what are the issues? Chris Adamo has hit the nail on the head saying conservatism is what we the people are looking at. The tricky part is getting people to realize that not everyone who talks conservative (example: Wyoming’s current Governor) governs as such (example: Wyoming’s current Governor).

A while back, Ray Hunkins reiterated his pro-life beliefs. Since then, he has clarified that indeed he is pro-life, and he will govern as such. He is a Catholic that supports a culture of life (except for wolves 😉 ) and family values. He also supports securing our schools. OK, so the Governor has recently called for property tax relief. Well, in the Gov’s words, that’s an after-thought on his part! (similar phrase uttered by the Governor concerning lack of immediate public support for the permanent repeal of sales tax on groceries by Ray Hunkins). Early on, Ray Hunkins made property tax relief part of his platform.

Finally, Gary Trauner swears. He swears that making illegals citizens is not amnisty. He swears a gun-owner database is not a registry. He swears that he really is independent (though he is registered Democrat and no doubt receives funds from the DNC just like a certain Wyoming Governor). He has yet to swear he really was joking when he said “What’s a wolf?”


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