Posted by: Scott | Thursday, October 26, 2006

PI Supt. Appears in FFF Ad

I could hardly believe my ears the other day. A campaign ad featuring the voices of the Governor (D) and Superintendent of Public Instruction (R) debuted. I had to wonder at first, Just who is endorsing who? Then the point came that they together were endorsing Amendment C, which creates a permanent fund for the Hathaway Scholarship. That seemed fine and well, though you have to consider that someonedidn’t want to particularly be the education Governor.”

So, I put that aside for about a second when a third voice came on and said the ad was paid for by Folks For You-Know-Who. That’s just low! Couldn’t there be some sort of committee that pays for the ad like “Vote Yes on C” or “Candidates for C” or something to that effect??? Surely, there’s a bipartisan way to campaign in favor of Amendment C without the Gov’s re-election campaign paying for it. But then again, his campaign has received more $$$. Maybe it’s justified that his campaign pay for it. I’m sounding like a real Democrat, I know. But have no fear, I’m still voting for Ray Hunkins.


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