Posted by: Scott | Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Ad Blitz Begins

Ready or not: here they come! It’s that time of year again when the candidates, politicians, PAC’s, and campaign committees pull out all the stops.

Wyoming campaigns are letting the good folk in southern MT know that Conrad Burns and Jon Tester are not the only ones on the ballot (a service that us northern WY folk appreciate). Sen. Craig Thomas (R-WY) started the trend; now the NRCC is running a “don’t vote for Trauner (D-WY)” ad. A curious ad that compares the voting records of Sen’s. Burns (R-MT) and Baucus (D-MT) to the stated positions of Tester (D-MT) has emerged.

Gary Trauner (D-MT) says the ad blitz by Republicans for Cubin shows that they are concerned about her possibly losing. It’s been my observation that most campaigns blitz in the last week or so of the campaign for the sake of getting the candidate’s name out or showing what’s wrong with “the other guy.” I wonder, is Gary Trauner not going to blitz? Is he going to order the DNC and/or the WDP to not air any campaign ads this week, for fear that it might make them and/or him look like they are and/or he is concerned about losing?

By the way, breaking news to report: Montana’s Lt. Governor does exist! Lt. Gov. John Bollinger (R [supposedly]-MT) appeared in a campaign ad for State Senate candidate Margie MacDonald (D). First: Where has the LG been the past couple years? He was almost the star of the “bipartisan” campaign in ’04 and then mysteriously vanished after inaguration. Now, he’s back, endorsing at least one Democrat. I wonder if he’s going to come out and support Jon Tester too (lest he fear getting bumped off for breaking with the Democratic Governor). Or maybe, just maybe, Lt. Gov. Bollinger has decided that he too wants to be a Democrat, just to show that he can be bipartisan and thus, endorsing a Democrat is no big deal. After all, running with one doesn’t seem to matter.
It’s good to know that here in WY, we have a real Republican running for Governor. I heard a radio ad for Ray Hunkins yesterday. The ad highlights the fact that Ray Hunkins has stated where he stands on issues like a Defense of Marriage Act (he supports it!), abortion (he supports banning on-demand abortions!) and so on.

True, the current Governor hasn’t wrecked the state, but how much of what has been accomplished in the past four years is because the Governor took the lead, and said “let’s do this.” To his credit, he did remind the legislature that they had a self-imposed duty to give back to the people of Wyoming, but notice he waited for a campaign year to do so. Last I checked, the Governor did not, I repeat, did not give us the surplus that we are enjoying in this state (even though his campaign has raised more money). Why give him credit? Listen to his campaign ads; he talks about all the progress that’s been made and that he wants to make more progress in the next four years. Doing what??? Ray Hunkins is brave enough to say, “This is what we need to do in this state and this is what I propose…”

I hesitate to report on this, but I am going to anyway. Check out this poll. You’ve got to be kidding; the Governor is that well-liked??? I am maintaining an optimism that says Ray Hunkins supporters are going to turn out on Nov. 7 and some media and polling institutes are going to have some serious reservations about having released this particular poll. Why is the Governor so well-liked? Is it because he dodges where he stands on the issues, thus avoiding offending anyone (though he has been reported to have quite a temper, which just might be offensive).

• On fighting methamphetamine, 45 percent said Freudenthal would do a better job, with 18 percent favoring Hunkins.

• Asked who would do a better job reining in state government, 57 percent said Freudenthal and 19 percent said Hunkins.

• Just over half, 53 percent, said Freudenthal would do a better job addressing moral and ethical issues; 20 percent said Hunkins would do better.

• Overall, 73 percent said the state is going in the right direction.

Are we in the state not paying attention??? Here is my point-by-point response to the above (slanted, skewed, biased….) results:

  • What has been, since the primary campaign began, one-third of Ray Hunkins’ platform? Pro-actively fighting the statewide meth crisis.
  • Did the state government shrink under the current Governor’s watch? Last time I checked, no.
  • In fact Ray Hunkins has taken the position that his family will not be allowed to lobby before the state. And who is it that the Wyoming Family Coalition endorsed? Ray Hunkins! And for those of you (including me) that see abortion and marriage as ethical issues, see above about the Hunkins radio ad.
  • Of course a bunch of folks (for you-know-who) believe the state is headed in the right direction; the Governor’s campaign committee has its pockets full of money and thus has been able to buy up near-countless advertising minutes on the radio and other media formats telling the listener or viewer that the state is headed in he right direction. Oh, and let’s not forget that the Governor gave himself an A+ when it comes to the condition the state is in after four years of him taking orders from the Legislature.

Folks, this election matters, just like any other election. If you are still wondering who to vote for, consider the issues. In most cases involving the issues that matter most to people, you will end up voting Republican (unless you vote with the method of “this guy in office now hasn’t done anything terrible….”). Less than a week to go to Election Day. Vote absentee or vote in the poll. Study the issues (or ask me for advice 😉 ) and vote!


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