Posted by: Scott | Wednesday, November 1, 2006

H4G November Surprise: Freudenthal Supported Wolves!

I heard an ad paid for by Hunkins for Governor that dropped my jaw today. Our good ol’ governor is all for litigating against the feds for their opposition to our wolf management plan. But remember, before he was governor, he was the Clinton-appointed US Attorney for Wyoming. One of the projects he did was fight the Wyoming Farm Bureau and support the U.S. Dept. of Fish & Wildlife. What was the case over? The wolf reintroduction program! Candidate Ray Hunkins spoke to the WFB on this matter back in May:

I’m sure you all remember the original litigation regarding the wolf’s reintroduction in our backyard. That case was Wyoming Farm Bureau vs. U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife.

It was the U.S. Attorney’s office in Cheyenne that argued on behalf of Fish and Wildlife in favor of wolf re-introduction, and argued it so well they won the case. You may not remember who the U.S. Attorney was at that time. He’s a pretty well known guy now. It was Dave Freudenthal.

Dave Freudenthal did not recuse himself or his office from arguing on behalf of wolf re-introduction in that case. That was his choice.

As John Kerry would say, He voted for the wolves before he voted against them. Ray Hunkins has always been opposed to the wolf reintroduction. He knows where he stands. Does the Governor know where he stands? Interestingly enough, this comes on the heels of the Wyoming Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife endorsing the Governor for re-election. Maybe they should reconsider….


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