Posted by: Scott | Friday, November 3, 2006

Late Breaking Endorsements

First off, a HUGE (gigantic, large, enormous) thanks to Thom Huge (pronounced hue-gee) for his work as News Director for the Big Horn Radio Network over the past couple years. Today is his last day. His Jon Arbuckle-like voice will be missed in the delivery of the news and hosting of Party Line and participation in Speak Your Piece. Best of luck to you Thom in your endeavors with the Buffalo Bill Art Sale.

Speaking of KODI, Election Day results will be broadcast on 1400 AM Nov. 7 beginning at 8 PM. Tune in for regional and statewide election coverage.

Most of my endorsements you can see to the left. In response to “Kelly Jensen has been a registered Democrat; why is she running as an Independent?” I would say

  • She didn’t run in the primary, thus to get on the ballot, she had to run as an Independent.
  • She is seeking election for being Kelly Jensen; not for being a Democrat.

While I disagree with the party platform of the Democratic party, I agree with Ms. Jensen when she says that the Clerk’s office is a policy-enacting, not policy-creating position, thus there is no need to be partisan about it.

The endorsements on this blog are my own. I have painstakingly thought them through. I would encourage you to get out and vote likewise.

Amendments A, B, and C have gained my support. A sets money aside for the state during this time of financial blessing. B equalizes funding for the school districts, C protects the Hathaway Scholarship program as well as any other higher education scholarship programs.

The Cap Tax 2 (library and pools): After much back and forth, I have finally concluded that the cap tax needs the support of Park County. I know that it is controversial, but I have tilted in support of the 1% sales tax because of the need for the Cody branch of the Park County Library. It is in dire need of space and updating (technologically and facilities wise). I worked in a crowded library for four years, so I can empathize with the need here. Let’s pull together and vote Yes on the Specific Purpose Temporary Sales Tax.

On the above items it is imperative to  have a definite choice, up or down. Not voting at all on the amendments or the Cap Tax proposal counts as a no; therefore, figure out if you are for it or against it and fill in the appropriate oval!

No matter what you do, heed the advice of David Peck of the Lovell Chronicle, study the issues and get out and vote on November 7. In fact I would like to see his challenge for 80% turnout and raise him 25 (for a total of 105%; it can be done thanks to the magic of same-day registration)!


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