Posted by: Scott | Sunday, November 5, 2006

Recently sent e-mails

I recently sent a couple of e-mails; both of them will probably not get a reply (at least any time soon).

The first one was sent to the Governor on Nov. 2 in regards to his evolution on the wolf issue:

Governor Freudenthal,

I have a blog and I would like to inform my readers (how ever few or many they may be) about your position on wolves.

  • I recently heard that as US Attorney, you fought on behalf of the USFWS in favor of the wolf reintroduction program.
  • In your State of the State address earlier this year, you were hesitant to fight for WY’s proposed wolf management program.
  • Now you are backing the lawsuit that fights for WY’s wolf management program.

Could you please clarify where exactly you stand on the wolf issue, why you held the positions that you held before (particularly the first one), and where you plan to be on it after election day (assuming that you are in fact re-elected).

The second note was sent to the Casper Star-Tribune reporter Jared Miller in regards to this article:

In today’s article, you said of Gov. Freudenthal “A former U.S. attorney, Freudenthal narrowly edged former House Speaker Eli Bebout, R-Riverton, in the 2002 election.”

Why not mention it this way: “A former U.S. attorney (appointed by President Clinton), Freudenthal narrowly edged former House Speaker Eli Bebout, R-Riverton, in the 2002 election.

Would that energize the GOP too much???? You already give credit to the rise in GOP registrations to anti-Clintonism, so I don’t see the harm in reminding voters who exactly this Governor is connected to.

While we’re talking about the GOP-energizing anti-Clintonism, let’s remind them of the wolves too. What about a story on how then-U.S. Attorney Freudenthal took on the task of fighting for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service on the wolf reintroduction plan? Or are we still debating what a wolf is?

Like I said, I probably won’t get a reply to either of these e-mails, but I post them here if for nothing else, the speculation of you the readers.

!!!UPDATE!!! (Nov. 6, 2006, afternoon)

I have received a reply from Jared Miller:

Thanks for your e-mail. I’m not sure the additions you mention would be relevant to the story, but they were certainly interesting to think about.

Thanks again.



  1. I actually attended the wolf seminar held in Riverton — but my how time runs together. I think it must have been over the summer? Possibly spring break? Anyway — I think Freudenthal might be a cousin of John F Kerry because he was actually for the wolves being introduced in WY before he was against them.

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