Posted by: Scott | Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Will the Real Republicans Please Vote

Today is November 7, 2006. It’s Election Day (favorite day of Calvinists! 🙂 ) and it’s your opportunity to thank those that have protected this nation for over 230 years by going out and voting for those that believe in her (as opposed to voting for those that think our national defense is dumb and uneducated).

Also, you get to vote for those that have yet to be born and for those that never will be. All too often, the unborn never get to experience life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness because the mother wants to put her rights before her child’s.

On some local highlights,

  • The Park County GOP will be hosting an Election Night party at the Holiday Inn starting at 7 PM. All may come regardless of party affiliation or how they voted.
  • KODI 1400 AM will be broadcasting election results starting at 8 PM.

On the national level, check out FOX News’ Election Results page. There you can keep track of what’s going on. You can also build your own election results tracker.



  1. I did it Scott — went and voted:) GOP all the way.

  2. You are a great American!!! Congrats to you for going out and voting your beliefs! It will be interesting to see if we show the media up on this one… Hopefully they have a big-screen TV for tracking results at the party tonight….

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