Posted by: Scott | Thursday, November 9, 2006

The WY Uncertainty

Fist off, easily re-elected Cody native, Sen. Craig Thomas, who has been hospitalized since Sunday, is now diagnosed with leukemia.

Though there are no plans for his resignation, on the plus side, if he decides that his illness would hamper his ability to fulfill his legislative duties, the WYGOP would submit three Republican nominees to our Democratic Governor, who would in turn choose one to replace Sen. Thomas. If this should happen, hopefully the replacement would be a WY conservative. This will definitely be closely watched here.

Meanwhile, WY’s “favorite” New Yorker Gary Trauner is to be holding a press conference at this time, but not even WY Public Radio is carrying it! Some of us want to know if Rep. Cubin is going back to D.C, or if there is a candidate-requested recount coming, or what.

Then there’s this, from lil’ ol’ Meteetsee, WY (30 miles south of Cody):

Mayor Meeteetse
Kenneth Bray: 65 – 37.14%
Write-in: 110 – 62.86%

Question: Are the 110 all the same, are there a dozen different write-ins; was Mr. Bray so bad that he in-fact was defeated by an as of yet unknown write in??? Makes those of us in Park County, WY wonder how speedy we’ll find out this info from defeated County Clerk Karen Carter.

Brian McCrorie has posted some good thoughts on a Biblical response to the election results. He even touches on the need for a conservative response to tear down the “big tent.”

As a side note, Mike Lee Johnson of has heard that Wendy Corr may will be the new News Director for the Big Horn Radio Network.


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