Posted by: Scott | Saturday, November 11, 2006

Things That Make You Go “Hmmm…”

So, seemingly all of Wyoming has this mindset that “My vote doesn’t matter; the state is so Republican…”

Well. look at our shockingly close U.S. House Race. Three days after the election, Gary Trauner has finally almost conceded. Barbara Cubin has finally saw fit to claim victory.

Gillette’s Mayoral race has come down to thirteen votes.

A number of state legislature positions are still undecided.

As mentioned in an earlier post, Meteetsee’s mayoral candidate may have been defeated by a write in (at the very least, the named candidate didn’t seem to be popular with the people).

In other news, I e-mailed some folks the other day. One was a Washakie County official that happens to be the mother of these two bloggers (and as I found out, one of my many lurkers). Another was an inquiry about the Meteetsee Mayoral race to outgoing Park County Clerk Karen Carter; still another, a congratulatory message to Park County Clerk-elect Kelly Jensen. Anyway, in my message to Washakie County, I noted that it would be quite humorous if she replied prior to my county clerk. Well, the reply from Clerk Karen Carter regarding the Meteetsee Mayoral election is still pending. Quite alright since I have a prior e-mail to said official that is still pending an answer…



  1. No plans for a recount? Hopefully Trauner isn’t for a recount before he is against it. I found it interesting that the media doesn’t hesitate to “call” the results with 0% of precincts reporting — but now that all the votes have been counted and Representative Cubin has the most … well … they still won’t call it. Go figure:)

  2. Our beloved U.S. Representative is picking up some steam in the counting process!

    The Associated Press has not officially called the race, pending the State Canvassing Board’s review, because of the narrow margin between Cubin and Trauner.

    The new county vote totals show Cubin ahead of Trauner by 1,012 votes out of 193,369 cast. The margin is too great to mandate an automatic recount, according to state election director Peggy Nighswonger.

    Maybe now Mr. Trauner will concede, lest he take a play from the Gore 2000 campaign….

    One question remains: where is the national press on this? It’s not like WY is known for having close races, especially in the U.S. House.

  3. Clerk Karen Carter replied to my inquiry and informed me of the mayoral write in: Indeed, the listed candidate lost to a write-in.

    Incumbent Republican Mayor Ed Farmer ran in August in the Republican primary as one of 13 candidates for county commission. He was not in the top three of the winners, and since he was unable to campaign for Mayor as well, he was unable to appear on the ballot for that race in Nov.

    Mayor Farmer has accepted his re-election and will serve another four years.

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