Posted by: Scott | Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Your Input Requested

I’ve added a RSS feed on the right sidebar. It is similar to one that is already there. For the time there are now two RSS feeds titled Your Input displaying the comment history.

I sorta like the top one because I can make it show more than the past five comments; however, if a commenter has a link for their name, it won’t come through on the feed.

The second comment feed (which has been there since it was available) allows the commenter’s URL to come through in the feed rather than just in the comments section of the post that they comment on.

Which would you rather have:

  • More comment history (up top the past 10) with a link to the comment, but no link to the commenter’s site (if they have one)
  • Less comment history and any applicable commenter’s links

I know that it is ultimately my choice, but I figured a little reader input in this case couldn’t hurt. After all, it’s your input, and if your weren’t putting in, there would be no need for a comment history. It is thrilling to know that folks would stop in on a regular basis and read and even comment.

Please note that My Input has been changed to My Output.
If you haven’t checked the links page in a while, give it a look. Some new blogs are listed, plus I’ve had to add to my “Folks that’s Commented Section” with a couple of fellow Wyoming WordPress bloggers.
By the way, be watching the left sidebar for my amazing update!


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