Posted by: Scott | Thursday, November 16, 2006

Flashback: Sore/Loserman 2000

The results are in! Rep. Barbara Cubin (R-WY) has been certified as re-elected:

Cubin received 93,336 votes, or 48.3 percent, while Trauner got 92,324 votes, or 47.8 percent. Libertarian Thomas Rankin got 7,481, or 3.8 percent.

However, a certain Wilson, WY resident has not yet figured out if he wants a recount, in spite of the fact that he got less votes than his competition. I don’t get it. He wants to risk paying $500 per county (23!) that is recounted (all of them)!

Update: Why Trauner Wants to Risk $11,500:

Trauner noted that more than 2,700 people who cast ballots didn’t vote in the congressional race. He noted that number of votes would be more than enough to affect the outcome of the election.

One problem: This assumes that all 2,700 would have voted for Trauner. This is known as the anomaly of the undervote; if someone doesn’t vote in a particular race, it must mean that they meant to vote for the candidate that lost the election (particularly if said candidate is a Democrat). Let’s assume that the breakdown of the 2,700 non-votes is close to the statewide breakdown. That still leaves Rep. Cubin in the lead by over 1,000 votes and closer to a 1% margin of victory. Also:

Trauner also questioned the voting results from Sheridan County, in which Cubin logged 5,883, compared to 5,255 for Trauner….”The difference between Sheridan County’s votes against (Cubin) this time versus 2004 is lower than any other county – even counties that are far more conservative than Sheridan County.”

Rep. Cubin also didn’t win Natrona County, her home county. But, she was also significantly helped by Park County, the home base of Republicans for Trauner. Should we question these results? I’m not sure that less voter support from years past of an (Republican) incumbent is reason enough to think that we must have meant to vote Democrat.

Why is it that a Republican can lose an election gracefully (exception: Lincoln Chaffey, who, as we all know, is not really a Republican), yet if a Democrat loses, there must be fraud somewhere?


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