Posted by: Scott | Friday, November 17, 2006

It Is Finished

Gary Trauner (D-Wilson) has made public his decision to not seek a recount. In a statement through his campaign, he said:

It is time to put this election to rest and look to the future. Wyoming is counting on Mrs. Cubin to provide first-rate representation for all the people of the state, and I trust she will do so.

When asked in a phone interview if he had talked with Rep. Cubin, he stated that he had not, but that he would think about it. Appearantly, considering a recount was too much to consider in a matter of a couple weeks.

This election is Rep. Cubin’s closest in seven races for the Wyoming’s lone House seat and the closest U.S. House race in WY since 1970 when Democrat Teno Roncalio beat Republican Harry Roberts by 608 votes.

In related news, Gary Trauner is calling for a change in state law that would allow for a hand recount, questioning the purpose of a recount in tight races if only the machines can recount the ballots.

The State Canvasing Board certified Barbara Cubin as the winner in the election by 1,012 votes on Nov. 15.


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