Posted by: Scott | Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Nebraska Football Games

I just finished getting an e-bay account set up for my mom. I’ve never set up an e-bay account myself, so it was quite an adventure (which has a long story that I might tell sometime if there is enough interest 😉 )

At any rate, the purpose of the account is because my grandfather was an avid Nebraska Cornhuskers Football fan. So avid that he infact subscibed to a video service for 12 seasons (1994-2005) and received every football game played by the Cornhuskers in those years.

S ince his passing in July, we have wondered what to do with these 148 videos, and the conclusion was an e-bay auction. You can view the product here. Auction runs until Thursday, Nov 30, 2006 22:28:59 PST



  1. Nice to see the Huskers returning to their rightful place among the nation’s best. I miss the good ole days of y’all crushing Oklahoma’s dreams every November. Cheers.

  2. This one’s a bit rough for me, since I go to Boise State full time, and it is possible Nebraska and Boise State will meet in the Fiesta Bowl.

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