Posted by: Scott | Thursday, November 23, 2006

Giving Thanks

This has been an incredible year. I’ve been through much; I’ve learned much; I’ve still much to learn. I’ve got many a close friend and many a not-so-close friend, but friends nevertheless, and lest I forget, family.For all these I am thankful.

In March, my college buddy Nathan and his wife, told me that their first child and daughter, Macy, was born.  After I congratulated them all, he wrote back and told me that I was an uncle. It has been fun being an uncle, especially to the most successful niece in the world, who is not even a year old and already has a major parade named after her and it will be broadcast on all the major networks today!

In July, Dad told me that Grandpa (Engleman) had passed away. While that was shocking news to hear and it has taken some time to set in, it has been a huge blessing to think of the joys that he is experiencing in Heaven.

Since then, Grandma has moved in with Mom and Dad. Another blessing in that I get to see her more often than before (she and Grandpa lived 12 hours away in Pueblo, CO).  Today I will have my first Thanksgiving with her in I don’t know how long.

Those are the major highlights of the year so far. I could go on and on about all the things that I’m thankful for, salvation in Christ, my adoption, the USA (even though it’s not a perfect nation), our great military and their families protecting our freedoms, that God is meeting my needs (oft times before I realize that I need them)…

I would go on, but I must get to my parents house so I can have my first glass of egg nog for the quick approaching Christmas season.

I hope that this Thanksgiving, you find much to be thankful for and express that thanks.


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