Posted by: Scott | Monday, November 27, 2006

Football Ramblings

First I’d like to congratulate the Nebraska cornhuskers on making it to the Big 12 Championship.

Then there’s this from Rick Pidcock’s blog:

Since the most important job to most Denver natives is not the governor, or the mayor, but the Broncos quarterback, it is no wonder why employees throughout the city this morning are on edge. And with the hopes of the Super Bowl fading as fast as the Broncos standing in the AFC West, it is time to make a change.

After I read that (by the way, he’s got t a great parody ad on there too!) I had wonderful idea (which will explain the tags that I selected for this post). Why not make the position of Broncos QB an elected position? It would be non-partisan and term limits would not be an issue; this would be one office that if you did poorly in, the people would vote you out at the drop of a hat!

So, Denver area voters, from one Borncos fan to a whole bunch of others, call your elected officias and tell them you support making the Broncos QB an elected official!



  1. Kind of a depressing game, huh Scott? Oh well, in my heart, I knew it would be tough to win because OU is a great team. I’m thankful the Huskers hung in there as well as they did. It looked a little questionable the 1st couple minutes of the game. I do wish OU well at the Fiesta Bowl — they’re who I’ll be cheering for šŸ™‚

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