Posted by: Scott | Monday, December 11, 2006

I’m Thinking Arby’s…Finally

Arby’s Gives Cody a Second ShotHear ye, hear ye!!! The Arby’s that has been rumored to open for many a month is now open for your business (even though the store locator doesn’t know it yet)!!! Several years ago, an Arby’s opened up downtown, but being sharing space with a tucked away gas station (also no longer present) on the one intersection that doesn’t have a stoplight just didn’t seem be a logical choice.

This Arby’s has been under construction all summer long (as well as the ongoing project of the soon-to-be neighbor of Checker Auto Parts and who knows what else). Undoubtedly, wagers had been set on when the Arby’s would open (by Labor Day, by Halloween, by Thanksgiving, by Christmas…We have a winner!!!!). I myself have not yet visited the lates fast-food franchise to hit Cody again for the first time (I will this coming Sunday before seeing the Spontaneous Theater/Cody High School stage production of A Christmas Carol).


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