Posted by: Scott | Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ralston, WY Christmas Lights

I went through Ralston on my way to Bible study in Powell tonight. As I entered the small town (Pop. 100, according to the sign),  I saw some nicely decorated domiciles off the highway, so I planned a small detour on my way back to Cody. One of my favorite traditions is touring communities for the best Christmas lights.

There were three houses that stuck out in the community seen from the highway, and I have posted pictures of each (for the benefit of those outside the area, as well as the benifit of the locals’ curiosity to go out and see).

This is not to say that there are only three houses in Ralston that did a top-noch job; I didn’t peruse the entire town, and perhaps some lights were not yet up, or the owners were away, or some other excuse. These three were the ones that I reeeeealy liked.

Corner of Natrona and Lewis in RalstonTo get to the attractive displays, turn west on Lane 11 from Hwy. 14A. Turn left on Natrona and follow to the road’s end and note the highly decorated yard and house kitty-corner to the right.

Corner of Fremont and LewisContinue on the tour left from Natrona (i.e.,  if you took a right to better view the lights of the house, make a U-Turn) , and note the house on the right just before the Fremont intersection.

Turn right on Fremont (as a left will take you into a dry grassy field) and there are more lights to see from the previous house; continue on and you will see some uniquely colored The end of Fremont and the tourlights on a couple trees on the left, but the display that will bring out the oooooo’s and ahhhhh’s is on the right; Santa and his reindeer flying, a sign that says Merry Christmas and you can’t go wrong with a nativity scene!

So, now that you’re lost in Ralston, WY, in the dark, the easiest way to get out is follow Fremont back to the lighted house on the corner; turn right; follow the road around a bend to the left (heretofor named Railway) and take that road back to the paved road (Lane 11). Turn right, cross the track, and stop before turning onto the highway (14A)!

Hope you enjoy(ed) the tour!

Cody’s tour is coming up!



  1. Hey Scott, thanks for the tour:) We love Christmas — had our tree up on November 10th … and no, it’s not a live one, but nothing a pine candle can’t fix:)

    We are originally from Dodge City, KS — and I’ve never seen Christmas lights as beautiful as they do in Southwest KS. It’s been a few years since we’ve been back that way over Christmas though.

    Well, Merry Christmas and happy wedding:)

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