Posted by: Scott | Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It’s About Time

This is sure to be controversial. Wyoming’s legislators will be looking at delisting the least-populated state from the Daylight-Saving Time program. Senate File 24, a one page bill that would fix Wyoming on Mountain Standard Time, is sponsored by Sen. Stan Cooper (R-Kemmerer).

This comes as we move into an extended DST period, usually beginning the first Sunday of April and ending the last Sunday of October. A policy change enacted in 2005 has extended the DST to the second Sunday in March and the first Sunday of November.

So here is the debate:

  • One group says forget setting clocks twice a year; it makes life easy; you don’t have to worry about missing church in the spring and getting to church too early in the fall; overnight workers don’t feel fatigued after working the Spring Forward day if 2 AM doesn’t magically disappear.
  • Another group says not changing clocks twice a year would be a huge inconvenience! All the folks you do business with in neighboring states would be off by an hour part of the year and you would have to keep that in mind when doing interstate business.

I’m sure there are other pros and cons to this debate. What do you the people prefer? I went to college in AZ (one of two states that don’t practice DST) for five years and know what it’s like to have to keep in mind the time difference when calling home early fall or late spring. It wasn’t all that bad. I’ll give early support to this legislation!

Edited 2 PM 12-20-06 to add link to SF24; Keep up to date with your legislators at the Wyo. Legislature website



  1. My vote is to keep DST:) I love the long summer days.

  2. Today on a local radio program (Speak Your Piece) the DST issue was raised. News Director Wendy Corr likes the idea of opting out of the Daylight Saving Time because it would be just like Wyoming to do something like that (our independent nature and such).

    The pro-DST crowd did respond early; one pro-DSTer likes the idea of fixing Wyoming on DST (which would be the equivalent of going on Central Std.). One point I had not considered was the fact that KODI would have to modify it’s schedule during the Wyoming non-observance as Rush Limbaugh would start at 9 our time (which is when Speak Your Piece is on the air). I don’t like the idea of tape delay, so this has some potential for the radio and TV stations to get involved in the debate.

    A Libertarian caller and occasional guest who usually gets me more frustrated than anything actually made me laugh with his proposed solution (and I think it has potential to gain popularity). He spun off of Ms. Corr’s idea about the independence of Wyoming and suggested that we throw everything off and not only opt-out of DST, but also off-set our time by 30 minutes! I just might have to write Rep. Childers (R-WY, HD50) and Sen. Coe (R-WY, SD18) about this….

  3. Well, it appears that Wyoming will still be a participant in Daylight Savings after all. The Senate Corporations, Elections and Political Subdivisions Committee killed the proposal on a 3-2 vote on Tuesday. 😦

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