Posted by: Scott | Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Official: It Feels Like Christmas

Mom and I love to watch the assorted versions of A Christmas Carol. Why? They all bring out different parts of the story in different ways. So when I heard that Spontaneous Theater Productions and Cody High School were teaming up to do a community production of the classic tale, my intent was to go see it sometime. Then I heard that one of the kids from church had the part of Tiny Tim. Now I had a high mandate to see the show.

Sunday, Dec. 17, Mom, Grandma, and I went and saw A Christmas Carol. I had never seen the Winona Thompson so full. It was nigh sold out! Good thing that we had our tickets in advance! When we got there, we realized that three of Klayton’s (Tiny Tim) older sisters and one of his cousins were also involved in the play. Many a folk came out to see the final performance, including old friends.

At any rate, this was a top-notch production. The “extras” that served primarily as carolers were integrated into the story as narrators, stage hands placing and removing props, and they even served as props themselves from time to time, from coat racks to hallways. All the cast and crew are to be commended for a show well done (and I hope that we can make it a tradition 😉 )

If you missed one of the four performances, you missed a huge treat. I share Mike Johnson’s hope that there was a video of the show done.


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