Posted by: Scott | Thursday, December 21, 2006

What Do They Have Against Us???

Is it just me or has there been a significant amount of bias against our big-little state???

First, the Fish & Wildlife service is planning to begin delisting wolves in MT and ID while ignoring our wolf management plan. OK (not Oklahoma), so MT and ID want to befriend the wolf by requiring licenses to kill predators, but WY has its rights too, one of them being the right to manage the wolf on non-federal/protected land.

Mr. Governor Re-elect: Where are you?????? Just because Christmas is coming up and the legislature isn’t in session doesn’t mean you have to let the USFWS dominate the issue until January. Oh, that’s right, you fought to bring them in here to begin with….

Secondly, the Nat’l Park Service has somewhat against Cody (which has now gone full circle to Cody having somewhat against the NPS) as the current plan is to shut the East Gate and hamper our ability to have something of a winter tourism via snowmobiles. One business is giving a public boycott of sorts by closing down for the winter this January. Not sure about that being a solution to the problem, but Mike Johnson has a great idea.

OK, so we’re only half a million strong, but we’re pretty unified 99.99% of the time!

So there you have it; I’ve placed my online rant in favor of state’s rights. Feel free to decently do the same!



  1. What? States have rights, when did that happen?
    Oh, by the way, the proposal to close Silvan Pass for the winter was written by the West Yellowstone Yamaha and Polaris dealerships. 🙂

  2. 1791 (at least as far as codification goes 😉 )

    In regards to the East/West “Civil War,” I’ll have to side with the East on this one (the East Gate that is!!!!) You’ll have to be our liaison and notify the dealers they are hurting Polaris’ and Yamaha’s profits by proposing such nonsense. Many of the men at church (including Pastor) are avid snowmobilers (when there’s snow and they can do so without a guide 😀 )

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