Posted by: Scott | Thursday, December 21, 2006

Where’s Our Share???

OK, look at a map of Wyoming and Colorado. Compare where Denver is (just east of the Rocky Mountains) and Cody (just east of—in the midst of the Rocky Mountains). Why is it that Cody has partly cloudy skies and the only snow is on the surrounding mountains??? Even Cheyenne got snow enough to close I-25 to the state line (which if I understand correctly is closed after the state line by Colorado authorities).

Meanwhile, a couple of my fellow Wyoming blogger friends are stuck in Highlands Ranch (one of many southern suburbs of Denver).



  1. I think Denver took it all Scott. I don’t know if there is enough snow left for us to have a white Christmas. Though, we are hoping for a white Christmas here — but clear roads so we can head back to Denver this coming Thursday đŸ™‚

  2. We did finally get some snow in Cody yesterday. Unfortunately, the wind is blowing today (I know that’s completely abnormal for WY!) and the sun is shining. I dread the thought of another Christmas in a T-Shirt …

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