Posted by: Scott | Tuesday, December 26, 2006

What Will They Think of Next?

I was listenting to Roger Hedgecock substitute teach at The Institute today (wait ’til the lurkers from DU read that!). I’ll have you know, there are about 18 minutes of torture in the three hour space of time that we the students are subjected to CNN radio news at the top of every hour (6 minutes per segment; quite dreadful; fortunately reality always returns 😀 ). At least, such is the case here in the Cody area.

Anyway, one one of those “news breaks” the reporter highlighted that a new drug has been found to possibly cure the disease  of alcoholism (?!?!?!?!?!?!?).

First rant: society has too many sins that are downgraded to disease (more on this later). Imagine the feminist outrage (that would for once be justified) if rape were labeled a mere disease. But then these researchers, bless their intelligence, finding alcoholic rats to test the effectiveness of the drug? How do you know if a rat (a lab animal) is alcoholic (emphases added)?

“In one experiment, rats that had alcohol freely available to them stopped drinking it after receiving the Orexin blocker,” researcher Dr. Andrew Lawrence, of the Howard Florey Institute in Melbourne, said in a prepared statement.

“In another experiment, rats that had gone through a detox program, and were then given the Orexin blocking drug, did not relapse into alcohol addiction when they were reintroduced to an environment in which they had been conditioned to associate with alcohol use,” Lawrence said.

That’s just great, now they have bars for rats! I want to know one thing: were these rats “of age” or were they minors? If they were minors, then we have a serious problem in the science community that needs to be addressed before this drug can be FDA approved. I wonder if PETA is aware of this cruel treatment to animals?

At any rate, why I see alcoholism as a sin. The Bible says not to be drunk with wine/alcoholic products. There appears to be a spiritual effect on the person who gets drunk, because the contrast of “be not drunk with wine” is to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

The ingestion of alcoholic products is not expressly prohibited (Paul told Timothy to cure an ailment with a little wine). And then comes the whole “wine in the Bible” discussion that stresses online forum moderators to keep the debate decent.  Well, let’s just say that “wine” in the time of Christ was so watered down that you would have to take in a lot to get the buzz provided by just a little bit of modern day wine, beer, booze, or other alcoholic product.

My solution to alcoholism? Total abstention (aside from the medicinal use of NyQuill). Why go on such an extreme you ask? Well, what is “drunk?” What the state mandates as an acceptable BAC to be behind the wheel? For all I know, I might be drunk before I hit above .08 on the breathalyser. If I don’t have a “social drink” of alcohol, I don’t have to worry about getting drunk.

For those that are already hooked on the bottle (socially or otherwise), I would say get off it and replace it with tea, or milk, or juice; as long as it’s not alcoholic. Stay away from your sources of getting alcohol (if one source was the grocery store, have someone go with you to keep you away from the liquor section). Find others to hold you accountable on your decision.

So, now you know where I stand on that issue…


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