Posted by: Scott | Thursday, December 28, 2006

Adoptee, Ex-Pres Dead at 93

He was the only President to never be elected to the office of President. Nor was he ever elected Vice President. He was elected to the House where he served as Representative of his district in Michigan and as Minority Leader. When V.P. Agnew had to resign over ethical issues, President Nixon appointed Gerald Ford to fill the position.

Later on, President Nixon was forced into resignation over the Watergate issue, and thus, V.P. Ford assumed the position of President. He pardoned his predecessor and managed to keep the country together. Though he was not a champion of conservative causes, this he did well.

I only remember this man for his ex-Presidency.  He did well in this duty as well. He was not a post-unelected political activist like so many ex-Presidents are. He let those who were the chosen leaders set the course for the country and refused to tear down his nation overseas.

One bit of info that I was not aware of was that Mr. Ford was an adoptee. I received  my e-mail update from Adoptees Christian Fellowship this morning and Jody Moreen pointed out the following quote from an ABC News report:

He was born Leslie King on July 14, 1913, in Omaha, Neb. His parents were divorced when he was less than a year old, and his mother returned to her parents in Grand Rapids, where she later married Gerald R. Ford Sr. He adopted the boy and renamed him.

Ford was a high school senior when he met his biological father. He was working in a Greek restaurant, he recalled, when a man came in and stood watching.

“Finally, he walked over and said, `I’m your father,'” Ford said. “Well, that was quite a shock.” But he wrote in his memoir that he broke down and cried that night and he was left with the image of “a carefree, well-to-do man who didn’t really [care] about the hopes and dreams of his firstborn son.”

You can find the schedule for the funeral plans at


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