Posted by: Scott | Monday, January 1, 2007

Of Football and the Rose Parade

Today was a hard day full of conflict

Ultimately I chose the parade. I was still in grieving over the dashed playoff hopes of the Broncos. Plus there was the prospect of seeing the parade commercial-free. The football game would still have commercials, and besides that, the last half of the game would still be on after the parade ended.

The parade was quite a show this year (as it is every year). The Grand Marshall was George Lucas of Star Wars fame (there was even quite a Star Wars tribute consisting of two floats and a marching band dressed up for the show). Oklahoma had two floats, one of which had a surprise rocket man.

HGTV did a great job of broadcasting the parade. As if you couldn’t tell, the commercial-free broadcast was a huge selling point for me.

Now some critiques of the parade. There was this covert environmentalist point to the theme (Mother Earth, save the forests, etc…). Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate the beauty of God’s creation, but I don’t subscribe to the modern-day extremes of environmentalism. If anything, I am a conservationist.

Anyway, given the theme, there were a number of inconsistencies:

  • Cars were driven for assorted elected officials and the Grand Marshall. Not one of the cars were mentioned as being “enviro-friendly” or “powered by such-and-such alternative fuel.” Presumption: they were all gas-powered engines that went down Colorado Blvd.  A terrible ingredient for this particular Rose Parade.
  • One float depicted a circus scene, complete with steam-driven calliope. Know what was used to achieve the desired effect? CO2!!!! No wonder the Pasadena skyline was so smoggy!

In spite of these problems that must be addressed, I do have to say there was an excellent use of play-on-words by one of the HGTV commentators. A discussion arose (no pun intended) about a bleeding heart rose. The commentator said that when people asked his advice on planting bleeding hearts, he told them to do so liberally!!! I am ashamed to admit that it took me a couple of seconds to catch what he said, but I don’t think his comrades even caught it, so I don’t feel too bad about it.

So, what did you do this first day of 2007?


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