Posted by: Scott | Monday, January 1, 2007

The Year Begins Anew

2007 has arrived! More than likely, I am not at the computer right now, but thanks to the advent of delayed publishing, I can get my new years message typed and ready to go.

2006 was an eventful year for me. Because hindsight is 20/20, I look back and see where I got off the path. By the grace of God, I’ve gotten back on, and though I have my “one-wheel days” I am able to keep rolling along.

Some highlights from the year including, but not limited to:

  • January: I survived a full year on my own. To this day, I am still in the same rental that I moved into Jan, 2005
  • February: I took a date to my church’s Valentine’s Banquet. Her name was April 22 and came from a Garfield page-a-day calendar. 😀
  • March: I became an uncle!!!
  • April: I picked up a second job to take care of some debts.
  • June: I got to live during the day like normal people so I could participate better in Vacation Bible School.
  • July: Grandpa met the Savior face to face; Grandma moved to Cody
  • September: My blog celebrated it’s 1st birthday; I got signed up to do some campaign work
  • October: I met Ray Hunkins and his wife.
  • November: I voted; I went to an election night party; First Thanksgiving with Grandma in many years.
  • December: First Christmas with Grandma in a few years;

So here we are, January 2007. It’s once again time for The Other Choice Awareness Month. I call it that, because if abortion is a “choice” (and that’s a big “if”), then there ought to be an alternative choice; adoption is a great choice. I favor choice, as long as the choice is to not have an abortion.

I hope your 2006 was enjoyable. I look forward to seeing what God will do in 2007. Happy New Year, everyone!


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