Posted by: Scott | Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Boise State Celebrates Christmas

Well, it’s that time of year again; time to see how bad the BCS does at awarding teams. Like I said yesterday, my Cornhuskers lost their bowl game (not BCS), but then I saw that Boise State was on, so I joined Dad and watched the game (at the time, BSU was making OU look pitiful).

Then it happened. The end of the 4th quarter and OU found their second wind (maybe even their first). And scored until they caught up and then passed up by a touchdown. With less than a minute, Boise St. pulled a John Elway and drove down the field. An amazing lateral was thrown to gain the touchdown and with seven seconds, the point after would send the game into OT.

OU got the ball first and scored their touchdown and point after. Boise St. got their chance; scored the touchdown, and then you could feel the excitement as they lined up with three wides and the sudden time out for OK. The commentators voted that indeed, BSU was still going for the win. Sure enough, when it was time to line back up, the wides were on the right, thus was the defense. A fake pass in that direction followed by a hand off to the left and all the room in the world–TOUCHDOWN!!! So next week, OH State plays FL State. OSU remains undefeated and though they are in the “Championship Game,” Boise St’s record is the same (and now the explanation of the title). That’s right , BSU was no doubt going about last night singing to the popular Christmas carol “No L, No L, No L, No L….”

So the old debate rages on. Time to scrap the BCS and come up with a playoff system. Yes, this was a dramatic bowl game, but, there’s nothing wrong with drama in a playoff game either.

But the touchdown wasn’t the most shocking thing about the game. The player that ran in the winning touchdown was being interviewed and had one of the cheerleaders close by at the time. The interview wrapped up and right there, on national TV, he proposed to what we found out was the head cheerleader!!!!  What’s a head cheerleader going to do on live, national TV? Say no to the hero of the game? Of course she said yes. Anybody know anything heroic I can do?



  1. I go to BSU full time. Campus is electric right now. There is only one topic spoken about. And for those of you who still doubt BSU, who haven’t gotten a chance to watch them all year, just understand- BSU has played better this year. If they had their “A” game, I think they could beat the likes of LSU.

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