Posted by: Scott | Saturday, January 6, 2007

Sen Thomas Inherrits Senate Sweet Spot

Don’t tell your dentist I told you about this, but here are a couple of fun articles to read about Sen. Thomas (R-WY) here and here.

This is a great problem for the U.S. Senate to face: no major candy makers in the state of Wyoming!!!! So, the next step is get some “Mom & Pop” merchants to help supply the goods. Not a bad idea. Small town candy maker with quality products gets vendored (free of charge) at a famed desk in the Senate chamber.

The Billings Gazzette article mentioned this candy company out of Jackson Hole as a potential of supplying part of the goods for the desk. What kind of media bias is that to leave out the Senator’s home county and even his home town??? The shame the Gazette should feel about this…. Has anyone alerted the Senator (or these merchants) about making a deal??? This gives at least three possible suppliers to share the load (even Sen. Santorum didn’t get everything from Hershey’s).


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