Posted by: Scott | Friday, January 12, 2007

Who Shall We Then Choose?

So, in about a year, the time will come when the parties will begin the process of choosing their respective candidates for President. I recently heard on talk radio that the Dems tend to go through several front-runners before settling on who they pick, thus no need to worry about “Hillary ’08” (historically anyway).  Whew!

However, we Republicans tend to be a little more sure of ourselves, as our historical trend is pick the first/early leader. Thus, we better start talking about who is good and who is not, and clear “who is not” from our list of consideration before “who is not” becomes the chosen.

Tieki Rae has cast an early vote against “America’s Mayor,”  based on a clear pro-abortion conviction he holds to. I’d have to agree with her. The Media has recently labeled Gerald Ford the last of the “moderate” Republicans.” I presume this means the last to have served in the Presidency, since there are plenty of moderate Republicans still around holding elected office (mostly in the coastal areas).

The Senator from AZ is still attracting attention. He once again supports the President (it is after all, gearing up to be campaign season). His support for the troops and their war effort has been unwavering. However, Sen. McCain is one that I believe we should also vote off  the island of potential candidates. Once again, on social issues such as abortion. He is also the leader of the gang of 14 (though I wonder if that has changed since the Dems now hold a majority) that came up with this “great idea” on getting the President’s judicial nominees beyond unconstitutional filibuster, and the idea wasn’t a legislative bill that prohibited such nonsense. Also, many of you may recall that I spent five academic years in AZ, and I have talked to many of Sen. McCain’s conservative constituents; they are not pleased with his performance.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney seems to be one of the more obvious choices. Typically, people like a President that has some executive experience, not just legislative. In the latter half of Gov. Romney’s term, he did have some interesting thoughts on cloning (which agree with him on) and stem cell research (where it seems we disagree). As far as being pro-life, he seems to have arrived at the right conclusion (with the exception of his stance on embryonic stem cells). He can tentatively stay on the island, though I’m not sure if I want to make him front runner or not (he just survives this round by a hair).

There are others on the list, however, this all I have time for today. What think you?



  1. Yay for being against McCain! It still shocks me how many supposedly conservative people think McCain is presidential material. He’s spineless and opportunistic (if it is possible to be both). I mean, he says he supports certain issues (pro-life, for one) and then like you said, joins up with the gang of 14 to attempt to compromise on an issue that needs no compromise. As far as being opportunistic goes, I feel like he is willing to do just about anything to get the presidency. Pretty much, I’m not a big fan. When McCain or Giuliani gets the Republican presidential nomination, I will start up a third party.

    Now, Mitt Romney… Mitt Romney. I’m really not sure about him. I guess, like you, I’ll let him through round 1 by a hair… but unless he changes the pro-embryonic stem cell research stance, he’s off my list. Sadly, I don’t think that alone will take him off the mainstream Republican list.

    My possible choices:
    Sam Brownback – slightly iffy on immigration, but really an amazing conservative on every other issue. Plus, he’s from Kansas… and I was born in Kansas. :] haha.
    Duncan Hines – somewhat of an unknown, but has made an appearance on the GOP bloggers straw poll. As far as I know, stellar conservative on every issue. The only downside is the lack of name recognition, but I feel like that can easily be overcome with the right campaign and fighting strong in the primary.

    I’m sure there are other possible choices for my list, but those two are definitely my favorites. And like I said before, when it all comes down, I will not hesitate to campaign for some sort of third party – or start my own! – if the GOP goes with anyone but a completely pro-life candidate.

  2. Thanks for the study project! Mom lived in a small town in KS where Grandpa pastored for much of her childhood, so I could support a Kansasan (???) Watch for thoughts on Rep. Tancredo’s (R-CO) possible ’08 bid.

    Found the straw poll through

    I was surprised to see a couple names not on the suggested list of pro-lifers (I presume there must be a stem cell issue on them).

    Here’s hoping that when I submit this comment it doesn’t get moderated for having three links in it. After all, the system should know that this is my blog….

  3. That’s true, I completely forgot about Tancredo who is also solidly conservative on every issue (as far as I know). See, there is still hope for a good president in ’08!

  4. More anti-McCainism from Dr. Dobson (HT: SharperIron)

    Values Voters are not going to carry the water for the Republican Party if it ignores their deeply held convictions and beliefs.

    Republican leaders in Congress during this term apparently never understood, or they forgot, why Ronald Reagan was so loved and why he is considered one of our greatest presidents. If they hope to return to power in ’08, they must rediscover the conservative principles that resonated with the majority of Americans in the 1980s – and still resonate with them today. Failure to do so will be catastrophic.

    Hopefully, he speaks out against the other non-conservatives in the GOP.

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