Posted by: Scott | Saturday, January 13, 2007

Statistical Anomaly???

Talk about sore winners… The Dems take back the House and Senate; they maintain control over Wyo’s gubernatorial position, in fact I think they gained some Governorships nationwide, but all that is not good enough!!!

Some Demo-rants are unsatisfied with the results of the US House vote in Sheridan County. Thus a recount is being planned for January 22:

(Liz) Howell said Sheridan County was a “statistical anomaly” in the race, with Cubin holding on to more support there than she did elsewhere.

Really? Did they bother to check all of the county stats? Why is there no call for a recount in Park County, an even larger statistical anomaly, with Rep. Cubin at 7,177 votes vs. Gary Trauner’s 3,867. That’s almost 3,000 votes difference, almost five times the difference in Sheridan County and triple of the statewide margin! Carbon County Dems are planning a similar recount, where Gary Trauner won by just over 100 votes. Why recount? He won that county. Maybe we should also recount Natrona County, because after all, that is the Representative’s home turf and she lost by about 3,000 votes. Talk about a statistical anomaly!

Look, Rep. Cubin won fair and square. She was certified victor Nov. 15, and was recently sworn in to serve her seventh term. If you don’t like it, she’ll be up for election again in ’08, like all Representatives.

edited by Scott on January 14, 2007 @ 5:03 PM MST for spelling



  1. Recounts, recounts and more recounts, sounds like Al Gore is alive and well.

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