Posted by: Scott | Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Park County Seeks National Coverage

Be keeping an eye on the network news. The Park County Commission has sent in a news tip to the national news outlets:

Closed National Park?Commissioner Jill Shockley Siggins initially drafted a letter only to Fox News concerning winter use, pledging to “assist you or your producers with gathering facts and personal testimonials” and asking the media to assist in “alerting our nation’s people through your news analysis programming of an upcoming decision related to winter use.”

The letter was designed to be signed by the board of county commissioners.

It further offers to “assist your producers any way we can with gathering of facts and personal testimonials from businesses impacted by this closure.”

The media also is asked “to take the time to do an analysis of the Park Service’s policies and understand the implications to our local economies and the restrictive nature these decisions place on our public use of their lands.”

The letter targets the Park Service’s preferred alternative of closing the East Entrance in winter, something the commission strenuously opposes.

“We feel this decision is a travesty and will not only negatively impact our local region but the nation at large,” the letter to the media states.

Asked during the meeting why ABC, CBS, NBC and other national media outlets were excluded, Shockley Siggins said they should not be, and obtained consent of the commission to send similar letters to them as well.

“This isn’t just our park – it’s the nation’s park as well,” Shockley Siggins said Tuesday.



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