Posted by: Scott | Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Dream Ticket for the GOP

So a bunch of folks are exploring the idea of a run for a few years on PA Ave. The GOP is getting candidates announcing left and center and almost right, and finally one right. Of course, there might be more coming from the right: Rep. Tancreo has been speculated about for some time due to his immigration reform position, but he’s not just about imigration:

I am also considering this campaign because I believe the Republican Party and its leaders must recommit themselves to limited, smaller government; fiscal responsibility; and honesty in public office.

Last November, the Republican Party paid a high price for abandoning those principles; we will not regain the trust of the voters and a congressional majority until we reclaim them. I am proud that I was one of a handful of Republican members of Congress who voted against both “No Child Left Behind,” a federal betrayal of local control of education, and the fiscally irresponsible Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit.

Hey, some Republicans did catch on! Not only that,  they realize ’08 will be here before they know it and so trust better be regained if they expect to hold on to what they have and then some. In my opinion, striking the “big tent” policy from the party platform would do the GOP well, but that’s for another post.

Anyway, some of us want to know more, like how he ranks with the conservative grassroots organizations and watch dogs:

American Conservative Union A+
National Right to Life Committee A
National Rifle Association A
Family Research Council A
Americans for Better Immigration A+
National Federation of Independent Business A+

Straight A’s are hard to come by.  In case you wonder, he has consistently opposed expanding federal funds to research embryonic stem cells, including the most recent vote. So his pro-life roots are well grounded.

So, although the Gentleman from Kansas is a breath of fresh air after the RINO’s announcements and the transplanted Senator’s online announcement, as soon as Rep. Tancredo (R-CO) announces he’s a candidate, I will be jumping for joy.

If you agree with me, let the good Representative know!



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