Posted by: Scott | Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Inevitable Nightmare Came True

Well, we knew it was going to happen sooner or later. A certain transplant New Yorker is running for President. I wish I could say that it was this one, but

  • she wouldn’t like me any more if I called her a New Yorker,
  • I’d likely be removed from her blogroll,
  • and blocked from further commenting on her blog.

I don’t want any of that to happen, so I’ll not even begin to insinuate that she is a New Yorker. She is a Wyomingite by residency and a Kansan by birth. A westerner nevertheless (even if she is going to college in New York). But she’s absolutely not a New Yorker, not even a transplant New Yorker. She doesn’t even claim Giuliani as her mayor. She’s a great American, and a great Westerner. Whew! The loops you have to jump through to avoid hatred.

OK, now that I’ve clarified who I’m not talking about, back to the headline matter: I have to admit being shocked that the Illinoisan Muslim beat her to the punch, but I’m sure if the Muslim questions don’t bump him off, the attack(s) on his ears will.



  1. Haha, you are so very right about what would happen if you called me a New Yorker. In 2024, you can call me whatever you want since that is the first presidential election year that I will be eligible for the oval office and I may very well run! But in other news, I think it is sensational that both Hillary and Obama are appearing as the early front-runners for the Dems. I really think it will be incredibly easy for any decent, conservative Republican to beat them both!

  2. Announcing the Tieki ’24 Exploratory Committee

  3. You know what I just realized? It must be divine that 2024 is the year I’ll be eligible… ’24 like Jack Bauer’s 24? That’s right.

    (And I think I just out-nerded myself with that revelation of the depths my 24 addiction reaches.)

  4. Right after I posted my reply comment, I got to thinking there was an odd, rather even, resemblance of 2024 (’24) and 24 (the series).

    Just think, if you run and subsequently win in 2024, there could be a documentary produced about your campaign called ’24. So, you have good company (and I’ve never seen the show, so what’s that say about me???)

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